Monday, December 31, 2012

#7: Color Explosion!!

Hi all! Yesterday I took the time to sit in my pj's all day and enjoy the afternoon sewing and watching movies. Though I don't like making resolutions, I definitely want to do more of that in 2013: learning how to rest.

I found this pair of bright pink pants at a local thrift store for just a buck.

Wow! That's bright!

Brights and neons have definitely come back into style this past year, but I have loved them ever since I was young! My husband reminds me of the "bright yellow banana pants" I wore on our first date :) Perhaps it was the funky fresh digs popular on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Windbreakers. You know you had one.

Or maybe all the Lisa Frank my eyes consumed over the years.

The colors~~~~!

Either way, I LOVE bright colors and neons!

Recent fashion trends have surely been channeling styles of the 80s and 90s, particularly color blocking, where you combine contrasting colors to create an overall look. 

Color blocking on the runway

I thought this piece would be great to end this bright and colorful year as I try to class up some color blocking of my own.

Before: Bright pink pants

Before: From behind

First I chopped off a little over a foot from the bottom.


Then I ripped out the seam of the inner thighs of the pants.

Seam be gone!

I turned the piece inside out, pinned, and sewed the new front and back seam, taking it in a little bit at the waist (the pants actually had an elastic waist that was only slightly too big for me).

Pinned and ready to sew

Finally, I folded pinned, and sewed a new hem at the bottom.

New hem

I ironed the new seams and hem as a finishing touch and paired the final product with a simple red top, purple tights, and an orange clutch. And here you have it! Simple, classed-up color blocking.

After: Pink skirt, color blocking

After: From behind

What do you think? It even had pockets! It satisfied my bright inner child :) I hope to somehow incorporate at least a little of my love for bright clothes with my future professional career.

So what do you have planned for the new year? Any resolutions? Whatever the year holds, I pray peace and a whole lot of joy in this coming year for you and yours. Until next time, blessings.

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