Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#2: Lady In Red

Another old re-make that I'd like to feature is this red beauty I picked up 2 years ago from my favorite thrift store for just $1. It fit perfectly, but I kind of felt like I belonged in a church choir the way it was, so I decided to change it to be more sleek and festive for the holidays.

Before: *Hark the herald angels sing...*

Before: From the back
I stood in front of the mirror pulling, tugging, and rolling the dress to see how I wanted to change it. I decided to try to roll up the sleeves and drape the skirt in more of a pencil shape. This is what I hoped it would look like when I finished. 
After: How I hoped it would look

I rolled the sleeves up, shortened the dress, cut and sewed a slight v-neck opening, and sewed down the inside back of the skirt to reshape it. Unfortunately I couldn't achieve the same drape-y look on the skirt which I had hoped to create. I think this was the first project for which I had ever used a sewing machine. It's not perfect, but not bad for the first time :)
After, in action! Christmas 2010 at my mom's house with my wonderful husband.

I hope you all have a wonderful time this holiday season and get to spend some quality time with friends and family. Until next time! Blessings,