Sunday, December 23, 2012

#4: Black Halter Jumpsuit

 I've got a new one for ya. I found this black halter jumpsuit at a local thrift store for $1.

Before: Hello Jumpsuit!

Before: from behind (while wearing a unitard)
 I liked the idea of keeping the long pants, but I wasn't feeling the criss cross halter top. So I first cut out the back of the top.

So long back!
Then I pinned and sewed the straps all the way down the criss crossed bust. After that I cut out the bust material, but left the long straps attached at the waist.

See the line followed all from the strap to the waist?

Pinned and sewed.
After that I stitched around the waist to make a better seam where I had cut out the top. I then sewed the long straps to the back of the pants' waist. The edges of this material frayed a lot after sewing, so I took a lighter to it and sautered the frayed edges so little fibers wouldn't shed everywhere.

And voila! A simple transformation from halter jumpsuit to (semi)professional suspender slacks. I liked the high-waisted look, but felt it more flattering with a thick belt. I hope you like it!

After: hello suspenders!

I'm working on another new project tonight. Hopefully it will be done soon and I'll have a new post right after Christmas. I look forward to more time with loved ones this Christmas. One of my favorite traditions is leaving out cookies and a Coke for Santa. My parents always told me that Santa doesn't like milk left out because it's usually warm by the time he gets to our house and Santa doesn't like warm milk : P

What are some of your favorite family holiday traditions? Tell me in the comments section. Until next time, blessings.

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