Saturday, December 29, 2012

#6: Not Your Grandmother's Doily: 3 for 1!

I've got 3 re-dos in one post for you today! It's an oldie but goodie. I saw an awesome t-shirt transformation on Pinterest about a year and a half ago. It looked simple enough, so I tried it! I started with 3 plain t-shirts. One white one came from my closet, while the other white one and the black one came from the dollar store (when I say "dollar store," I am typically referring to the 99¢ Only Stores chain. Check them out! They're chock full of great stuff!).

2 Plain White Tees
1 Plain Black Tee
I searched the kitchen section of the dollar store which had an assortment of doilies and table runners. Found some round pink-ish fabric doilies that looked kind of like this: 

Similar, but pink and fabric-y

I also snagged up a nice dark blue table runner and an off-white table runner that looked kind of like this, but had little fringe-y things on the end: 

Kind of like this, but longer

#1: Let's start with the first white tee. I put on the t-shirt and pinned 2 of the round doilies where I wanted to them to go. I simply sewed the doilies on around the circular edges, and made a few hand-stitches in the center of the doilies so that they wouldn't gap away from the shirt. Here's the resulting shirt. Total cost: $1 ($1 for doilies, shirt from my closet). 

Doily Tee #1

#2: Next, let's do the black tee. I took the off-white table runner, cut off the fringe-y parts at each end, and carefully cut the edges off of the sides tracing the floral pattern. I laid the newly-cut table runner vertically across the front of the t-shirt, leaving some overlap at the collar and the bottom. I flipped the excess material into the collar and under the bottom of the shirt and pinned the table runner into place. 

I sewed alongside the sides of the table runner all the way up the shirt. Then I sewed the table runner at the collar and at the bottom of the shirt. I cut off the excess table runner material from the inside of the shirt and saved it for another project :) Like the previous shirt, I also hand-stitched areas in the center so as to not let it gap away from the shirt. Here's the final result. Total cost: $2 ($1 for t-shirt, $1 for table runner). 

Table Runner Tee #2

 #3: Finally, let's take a look at what I did with the last white tee. I used a table runner with the exact same design as with the black t-shirt, except it was dark blue and I didn't cut off the edge pattern like I did with the black tee. I liked how the table runner came to a point at the ends. It reminded me of an East Indian sort of shape, so I decided to keep that style. 

I lined up the pointed end of the table runner with the front collar of the t-shirt, pinned it down, and then cut off the excess from the bottom. I flipped the shirt around and pinned the remaining piece (not quite half) of the table runner to the bottom of the back of the shirt.

I sewed along the side edges of the table runner on both sides of the shirt, and flipped the excess under the bottom of the shirt to create a hem. Then I sewed the hem, and hand-sewed the center of the table runners, again, so that the runner wouldn't gap away from the shirt. I think this one might be my favorite of the three :) Total cost: $2 ($1 for the tee, $1 for the table runner). 

Table Runner Tee #3

Table Runner Tee #3 from behind

I like wearing it best with my dark blue blazer.

Who knew a t-shirt could be so professional?

So there you have it! For a total of $5 I have 3 brand new, one of a kind shirts for work or play that were super easy to make. I suppose if you had fabric glue, you wouldn't even need to know how to sew to make one for yourself! They're not your grandmother's doilies anymore :) I hope you enjoyed these transformations, and keep coming back for more! Until then, blessings.

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