Saturday, July 19, 2014

#72: Sweater Dress

So, you might look at this post and think, What's wrong with you Leanne? Don't you know it's been ridiculously hot?!! Yes, I know it has been ridiculously hot, but I actually completed this transformation on an eeri-ly cold weekend back in May. So I'm sane ;)

I picked up this looooong sweater for $1 at a thrift store. It's so body-hugging that I felt kind of shaped like an Oscar.

Before: Long Turtleneck Sweater

Before: From behind

This piece was outdated, long, and had a big hole in the shoulder.


So first, I hand-sewed the big hole, as well as 3 smaller holes at the neck.

Sewing holes

Next, I removed the turtleneck collar and fake-serged the edges of the new neckline

Turtle, turtle!

After that, I measured and cut over a foot of length from the bottom and hemmed it up.

So long...long!

We be hemmin'!

I wanted to add a bit of detail to take this out of plain and blank status. I decided to make pockets.

For this, I cut 2 squares from the length material I had removed, and sewed on some of the turtleneck material to give them texture.

Adding texture

Then I shaped the pockets and sewed them onto the front of the piece near the bottom.

Pinned and ready to sew

And I was done!

Here again is how it looked before:

Before: Long Turtleneck Sweater

Before: From behind

And here is my version of a more modernized sweater dress:

After: Sweater dress

After: Pockets!

After: From behind

I like the re-do, but I think this may have to sit in my closet for a while until it gets colder outside.

Sometimes you can get something slightly damaged for super cheap, and make the repairs and changes yourself to save some big bucks!

I hope you liked it!

Until next time, blessings : )

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