Saturday, May 25, 2013

#37: Green Sweater

First, before I write the next sentence, I must say THANK YOU to all of those both now an throughout history who have sacrificed their lives and time so that I may have the many freedoms I enjoy daily. With that being said, I'm also excited to have a THREE DAY WEEKEND!!! I'm SO looking forward to having some extra time to breathe this weekend. But it's kind of lame because my hubby still has to work :(

So my piece for you today is one I made a while ago but never featured.

Before: Green Hoodie (must have been tired when I took this photo)

Before: Green Hoodie

I actually loved the before piece, but I found myself wearing hoodies less and less as I crept toward the professional world. This sweater just ended up sitting in my closet for months. I thought I would get rid of it, but I really liked the color, patterns, and material, so I decided to therap-ize it a bit to see if it could fit with my evolving style...

I didn't use a sewing machine at all with this project. I only used some scissors and a simple needle and thread.

First, I removed most of the hood. I left some of the lining from the edge of the hood attached at the front collar. Then I hand-sewed the hood edges all the way around the newly cut collar that would sit behind my neck, and sewed the hood edges together at the ends. This way I wouldn't have frayed ends around the collar from being cut.

Hood edge sewn around the collar, meeting in the middle

Next, I cut straight down the front center, cutting through the connected long pocket.

I hand-sewed around the edges up to the base of the original hoodie's v-neck.

A little rough around the edges

Finally, I sewed closed the cut open ends of the pockets on each side, and sewed the pocket corners to the sweater itself so it the pockets wouldn't bunch up or hang too far away from the sweater.

Inside pocket

Here's what it looked like again before:

Before: Young hoodie

And here's the transformation from young hoodie to cozy cardigan!

After: I could totally wear that to session!

The pockets remain!

Look Ma! No hood!

I can totally see me keeping this for a lot longer, as many therapists are all about warm, cozy cardigans. What a great way to recycle something that was already in my closet :)

Now that I have a sewing machine, I could go back and touch up the edges, but I don't really see the need to, as it's not fraying and the hand stitches don't bother me.

I hope you liked it! I may not get to wear it much more as Summer approaches, but It will be good and ready for me in the Fall!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. Celebrate responsibly. 

Until next time, blessings.

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