Sunday, October 4, 2015

#84: White Polka Dot Shirt


I haven't been feeling well lately. I've been in this constant state of exhaustion which has only been momentarily alleviated. So I've been trying to do lots more self-care these days. And part of that has been sewing more. I've done 2 projects this week and here's the first one:

I found this piece at a Goodwill Outlet, the kind where you dig through large bins and textiles are $1.49 per pound (but it would be a good idea to bring a cough mask and gloves because the dust is REAL).

Before: Ill-fitting white polka dot shirt

When I picked it up, I actually thought it was something else, so it was easy trying to figure out what to do with it.

First I took my seam ripper and removed the seam at the neck and shoulders down the sleeves.

Opening the shoulders

Once they top was opened up, I turned it inside out and drew a line jutting up from the waist.

Prepping the sewing line

Then I sewed the sleeves closed across that line, cut off the sleeve excess, and fake-serged the edges.

Sewing closed

Fake-serging the edges

Then, I cut across what was the shoulders to make it even, then folded, pinned, and sewed a hem.

Sewing a hem

Flipped it down, and it went from this:

Before: Ill-fitting white polka dot shirt

To this:

After: White Polka Dot Skirt

I honestly thought this was a skirt when I first got it, but was surprised when I went to try it on. I think it's way better as a skirt. What do you think?

I forgot to take after-pictures of my next project, so once I take them, I'll post my next one.

Until next time, blessings.