Sunday, July 5, 2015

#83: Patriotic T-Shirt

Hey there!

For my second post today, I'd like to feature a patriotic t-shirt I found for $2.



The moment I picked it up, I knew this would be my 4th of July shirt. But it had this really odd Uncle Sam/Santa Clause mash-up face on it.

HoHoHo! Merry Independence Day!
Somebody needs to get their holidays straight.

"I want YOU..."

So first, I cut the stitches and removed the stars.

Not on this star-spangled banner.

Then I piece by piece removed the Santa beard, and the rest of the face.

Removing the stitches

Looks a little more like Uncle Sam

I was glad to find out that the colors underneath the iron-on decals weren't discolored or faded.

Once I had it all removed, I washed it to shrink the holes from the previous stitches.

I thought about keeping it plain, but realized with the lack of red, it no longer was identifiably patriotic, so I decided to add some pizazz .....STARS!!

I sometimes keep things like buttons from old clothes to recycle them into my projects. I had a whole host of metal studs which I arranged in a star-shaped pattern.

Then I glued each one down carefully in place with fabric glue.

And that was it!

Paired with some red accessories, my patriotic shirt went from holiday-confused...

Before: Uncle Sam/Santa Shirt totally Independence Day ready!

After: Stars and Stripes Forever!

 I hope you had a safe, fun Independence Day weekend!

Until next time, blessings.

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