Friday, September 13, 2013

#51: Black Frilly Layered Children's Dress

Hello, and welcome/welcome back!

After my 50th transformation post a week and a half ago, my blog soared past the 10,000 views mark! Thank you all for your fantastically wonderful support!!!

Today I've got a new transformation for you as well as some other style markers that filled my week. But first, here is the new project I've got for ya today:

Before: Black Frilly Layered Dress

Before: From behind

I got this children's dress for $1 at a local thrift store. It was clearly a children's dress, and there was absolutely no way it could zip up the side on my grown-woman body.

No zipping up the side

It was ratty and frilly and even had a hole...

Hello hole

...but I liked it.

So for my first step, I removed the straps.

Straps removed

Next, the inside seams were trash. Mounds of ratty mess everywhere. I took some time to cut off all the gross frayed parts.

All over the place!

Ratty mess cut from the seams

After that I completely cut off the top bust area, keeping the zipper in tact, and leaving the lace lining just under the bust in tact. Connected to the bust was a ripped-up inner lining of the dress. That had to go too.

Separating the bust

I'm sure it was a stylized plan, but there were 4 almost sheer triangular panels which gave the dress a twirl-factor. But they hung lower than the rest of the dress, and they didn't fit with what I wanted the dress to become, so I pinned them up...

Pinned triangular sections

...and sewed it away! (I sewed the hole closed too).

So long triangle panels!

Then I cut off the excess material and fake-serged the edges so it wouldn't get that ratty fray again.

After I sewed and cut off all 4 triangular panels, I removed and re-attached the zipper lower (the zipper would now be on the back instead of the side).

Re-attaching the zipper

It still ended up being too tight at the top, so I folded and sewed the back in a shallow V, cutting off the excess, including some of the zipper.

Finally, I re-attached the straps, but since they were too short to go over my shoulders, I sewed them together and sewed the opposite ends onto the front at the new bust so it became a halter.

And that was it!

Here again is the before photo:

Before: Frilly Layered Children's Dress

Before: From behind

Paired with a black skirt, here's the new look by itself:

After: Frilly new top

After: From behind

To make it a little less voluminous and more shapely, I added a thick belt:

After: with thick belt

But my favorite look of the day was adding a thin cover and a long necklace. I felt work-ready!

After: Accessorized

I was decked out yesterday, ready to go to work, when...I had to suddenly take my car to the shop and walk to and fro to find a Starbucks so I could work remotely on my computer. Lame. But at least my car got fixed! Praise God!

I'm so excited about my look yesterday because nearly everything in the photo above is either altered or I got second-hand. I took the long sleeves off of the cover to make it summer-ready, I made the shirt for this post, the belt and skirt I got at a clothing swap party last year, and the shoes I got at a thrift store for only $1.50!

Talking about shoes, I'm excited to share that I got my first pair of $130 shoes this weekend. Check them out:

$150 Thigh-high boots!

Sexy, sexy!

I've always wanted thigh-high boots!

"But Leanne," you say, "I thought you liked being frugal and saving money. Why would you spend $130 on shoes???"

Well, I DIDN'T! I got these on SUPER DUPER RIDICULOUS SALE! I was browsing through Frederick's of Hollywood over the weekend with some gal pals looking for a bachelorette gift for her friend, when we spotted this sale. The boots were marked down to $29.99, and there was a 75% off sale on top of that! I came away with these awesome new boots for only $8!!! $8!!! SCORE!!!!!

Another of my favorite finds this week was this new Calvin Klein yellow dress I found at a yard sale for $5. The only alteration it needed was taking up the shoulders a bit.

Yellow Calvin dress

To accompany my new yellow dress, I painted my fingernails in one of the most iconic, simple yellow designs:

Charlie Brown!

This simple design has gotten lots of attention this week!

And another of my favorite finds was this shirt I got at a yard sale. I didn't take too good a picture of the shirt, because I was too excited about the tie necklace I strung and twisted together with 3 beaded necklaces:

Checkerboard shirt and a tie necklace!

This week has been filled with fun fashion finds and styles!

I hope the upcoming week finds you all rested and rejuvinated. Happy Friday everyone!

Until next time, blessings.

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