Saturday, September 14, 2013

#52: Purple Plaid Jumper Skirt

So I found another children's item that I wanted to remake. This one is supremely simple.

I found this purple plaid skirt with suspenders at a thrift store last week for $1.

Before: Children's Purple Plaid Jumper Skirt

It was children's sized, so I couldn't actually model in it, but here's an example something similar I found on Google:

Similar Fashion
 (Though this is a children's skirt, I couldn't seem to find pictures of children wearing them on Google. They were mostly worn by grown women.)

Anywho, This was a 3 step remake that took less than 10 minutes.

For my first step, I turned the skirt inside out and sewed 2 straight lines across the bottom to close the bottom opening.

Sewing across the bottom

Second, I took some sticky-backed Velcro, cut a piece a few inches to fit between the buttons, added some no-sew adhesive to the back for extra support, and stuck them on both sides at the top opening between the buttons so it would seal when turned right-side in.

Extra adhesive

Attached to the top

 In my third and final step, I rearranged the straps so instead of going from front button to back button like suspenders, they now have one strap connected to both buttons on the front and one strap for both buttons on the back.

Rearranging straps

And that was it! Not all transformations have to be complicated.

Here again was the original skirt with suspenders:

Before: Purple Plaid Children's Jumpsuit

And here is the re-purposed after result:

After: Purple Plaid Shoulder Bag

After: A cute, simple tote

This children's sized skirt made for a simple tote bag that's neither too big or too small.

I hope you liked this one!

Until next time, blessings.

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