Monday, September 2, 2013

50th Transformation Post!!! Labor Day Two-fer #2: White Sequined Jumpsuit.

It's my 50th transformation post!! It's my 50th transformation post!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Not only that, but as of just before publishing this post, my blog is only 94 views away from reaching the 10,000 views mark! LET'S DO THIS!!!

So a few weeks ago I teased you with a photo of this ridiculous jumpsuit I found at a thrift store for about $4.

Before: White Sequined Jumpsuit

My goodness. I have no idea what this is. M.C. Hammer dance uniform? Circus acrobat costume? Saddlebag holders? Please don't tell me this was an actual daytime outfit.

This thing gave me back wedgies, front wedgies, side wedgies, wedgies everywhere!

"You get a wedgie!..."

"...And you get a wedgie!..."

"...And you get a wedgie!"

I just couldn't pass this thing up.

Initially, I wanted to dye it a different color, so I browsed the internet looking up fabric dying methods. Some were pretty intensive per the type of material. Given that I have no idea what material this is, I chose to keep it white.

Now take a look at those sequins!

Gold and White Sequins

While browsing online, I found that white dresses with gold sequins are actually pretty popular. For example:

Formal white and gold sequin dress

Taylor Swift rocks white with gold sequins

More examples

I decided to go the dress route with this one.

My first step was to remove the shoulder pads and the sleeves completely.

Fly away shoulder pads!

I also sewed around the edges of the arm holes and used no-sew adhesive to give more structure to the new arm holes.

Next, I removed the seam between the legs.

Removing the inner leg seam

After that I folded the piece sideways and sewed a new seam straight down the front and back seams I had just removed, cutting off the excess material.

One solid panel

That baggy side-hip material (no, they weren't pockets) had to go. But there was overlapping material at the waist just under the sequins which didn't allow me to just sew it off. So I had to seam rip some of the waist material to unfold the extra side-hip material. Then I re-sewed the waist seam using some gold-colored thread my friend A.S. sent me  (Thanks A.S.!)

Gold-colored thread

Stitching the waist with gold-colored thread

Once I had the waist fixed, I still had to cut up the sides of the legs in order to straighten out the side-hip material to sew it away.

Sewing away the excess side-hip material

Once sewn, I cut off the excess. I broke 2 needles in the process because each sequin I had to sew across had a bead in the center which the machine hit a few times : (

Next, I shaped the skirt. Since the original legs of the jumpsuit were form-fitted to the leg, it didn't give me much length before it began tapering. So I had to cut it pretty short into a mini-dress. Otherwise I would have been wearing an awkwardly-fit mermaid-style dress. I cut the front a bit under the bottom sequins, and cut the back about 2 inches longer to account for the lift from my rump :)

Cutting the front

Then I sewed a hem around the bottom edge of the skirt.

Lastly, I pinned and sewed a deeper back neckline so it would look less costume-y.

Pinning and sewing a deeper back neckline

I did it!

Here again is the before look:

Before: Wedgie-fied White Sequined Jumpsuit

Before: From Behind

Paired with my white belt with a golden buckle and white strappy heels, here is the after result!:

After: Gold-sequined Mini-Dress

After: From behind

I think I redeemed this costume. And it passed the highest approval rating of all: my husband's :)

Thanks for waiting so long for me to finish this one! I hope you enjoyed it!


Please help me out and let's see if I can pass the 10,000 views mark! Woohoo!

Thanks so much for all the support getting to my 50th transformation post! I've got plenty more to come (even potentially some men's wear in the works)!

Stay cool out there, and happy Labor Day!

Until next time, blessings.

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