Thursday, January 3, 2013

#9: Sheets Aren't Just For Sleeping

This is the simplest remake I've ever done. It's easy, versatile, and requires no sewing! I saw a tutorial on Pinterest a while back that required about 60 inches of fabric. I didn't want to go spend money on new fabric, but I had an old bed sheet I was getting rid of that had accidentally gotten bleach stained in one corner.

The culprit

I started out with a plain beige cotton flat sheet and cut a rectangle about 60 x 35 inches (you could change the dimensions depending on your height/shoulder width). I kept the original sheet hem to use as the bottom hem so I wouldn't have to sew a new one.

I folded the rectangular fabric "hamburger style" from right to left (as opposed to "hot dog style" long ways from top to bottom. Remember that from elementary school?).

Next, I measured about six inches down and six inches over from the folded side. Then I cut about an eight inch vertical slit through the two layers of fabric. If you have a wider back or shoulders, you can adjust the cut further from the folded side accordingly.

Cutting arm holes

Open it up and you see 2 holes in the fabric and BAM!!! You're done.

Ready to go!

Your arms go through the holes, and you've got a simple, versatile vest. You can wear it open...

After: Simple Vest

...or with a belt...

Vest with a belt

...or as a long scarf...

Long Scarf

Long scarf wrapped

...or that wrapped-around-your-neck way...


Sorry the picture's so dark!

This transformation is so simple, and the possibilities are numerous! In my experience training as a therapist, I have come to like flowy covers and shawls. They're comfy, warm, and I can put them over most casual shirts to make my look a little more professional, yet comfortable. Perhaps I'll make some more of these vests in different colors in the future.

Enjoy your day! Until next time, blessings.

If you want to see the original tutorial, you can find it here.

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