Friday, January 11, 2013

#12: Granny's Robe

It's been really cold the past few days here in Southern California. I am currently wearing 2 pair of socks and wrapped in my Snuggie with a heating pad to keep warm and cozy. While trying to think warm thoughts, I remember how sweltering it was this past Summer! I, for one, would rather be cold than hot. You can always put more clothes on, but can only take so much off :)

During the Summer I was doing everything I could to stay cool while remaining clothed :) Today I'm choosing to highlight one of my earlier transformations, one intended to keep me cool on those hot Summer days. This one was extra special because it was featured on the blog that reignited my interest in clothing transformations. To check out the blog post where this transformation was featured, click here.

When I found this zip-up robe at a local thrift store, my creative juices began flowing on how to create a refreshing, fashionable way to cool off.

Before: Granny-style Robe

Before: From behind

I loved the print, and that it had a pocket (yes, only one), but it reminded me all too much of the nightgowns and robes my great-grandmother used to wear, so I had to make this look younger fast!

Since I did this so long ago, I don't have process pictures, so let me explain it to you:

First, I took out that button and loop at the bust to create a more open neckline.

Next, I took off the sleeves at the seam and sewed around the new arm holes to keep them from fraying.

I took it in a little at the sides, and then cut and hemmed the dress above the knee for a fresh and breezy feel in the hot Summer heat.

That was all I did to make the new dress. Then I decided to make a few accessories. I cut 2 long strips of remaining material and sewed the strips together. Then I sewed the ends together to create a long seam, sewed one end closed, then flipped it inside out (I've tried a number of ways to flip long, thin sewn strips of fabric inside out, but have found it quite difficult and time consuming. If you have any tips for making this process easier, please leave a comment below and tell me how!).

Once flipped inside out, I tucked the open edge in and sewed it closed. I tied it around my waist, and had a new belt/sash to accent the waist of my new dress!


The original sleeves had thick cuffs, so I cut them off and sewed shut the edges. Then I hand-sewed a button hole and used the button from the bust to close it. A simple, coordinated new bracelet to go with my new dress!

I made 2, but when I wore both of them, I felt like I belonged on Street Fighter :) So I chose to only wear one.

Wrist bands. Hadouken!!!

A few simple steps and I have a renewed, fresh dress perfectly suited for the ridiculous Summer heat. Hopefully it won't be as hot this Summer, but if so, I'm better prepared! I hope you like the results.

After: With sash

After: From behind

After: Without sash

So still thinking warm thoughts (as I'm sure many of you are freezing right now!), what's your favorite way to cool off in the Summer? Let me know in know comments section below!

By the way, this week my blog passed 1,000 views! Thank you all so much for all of your support! I feel really honored that people from all over the world have viewed my blog. Thank you again! And please, share my blog with your friends! Until next time, blessings.

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