Sunday, November 22, 2015

#86: Yellow Floral Maxi Dress

Happy Thanksgiving week!

I made this in the Summer, but forgot to post it. I found this dress at a Goodwill outlet for around a buck. I loved the brightness and flow of the dress.

Before: Yellow Floral Maxi Dress

Before: Yellow Floral Maxi Dress
Unfortunately, the fabric that covered the bust was too small to cover my bust : (

No bust space

No problem though. I removed the straps and cut off the bust-portion of fabric.

Removed the straps

Cutting off the bust fabric

Then I folded and sewed a new hem where I had cut.

Sewing a new hem

And really, that was it!

In a few short steps, it went from this:

Before: Yellow Floral Maxi Dress

To this:

After: Yellow Floral Maxi Skirt

I think it looks much better as a maxi-skirt, don't ya think?


During this season in which we are reminded to be thankful, I remember this past year being one filled with growth in authenticity and learning boundaries with my time, energy, and emotional safety and security. Though that type of growth is often accompanied by pain, I am so grateful that I am moving toward being my more true self, and that I have had loving support and community during this process. So I'd like to know, what are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments :)

May you find joy, peace, comfort, and love this holiday season.

Until next time, blessings.

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