Sunday, October 12, 2014

#76: Purple Floral Muumuu


My month hiatus was not on purpose. My schedule is so demanding, that I haven't made time to sew, let alone blog about it. But today I've got a new project which I completed last week.

I found this purple floral muumuu at a thrift store for about a buck. I usually stray from most florals, but I'm a big fan of the pattern with the deep hues.

Before: Purple Floral Muumuu

Before: From behind

I saw the potential in this right away. So let's get to it!

I began by removing the sleeves at the collar seam.

Removed sleeves

I also cut about 5 inches off the length of the muumuu.


I hemmed it up, took it in a few inches on the sides, and hemmed the new arm holes.

New hemmed top, turned backward

I decided to flip this piece backward. I trimmed about 2 inches off of the top of the collar and added a clasp to close the open collar area in the new back.

Sometimes the best part of the transformation is in the details.
I decided to take the extra sleeve material and length material, and sewed multiple inside out strips of material. 

Sewing inside out strips

I turned them right-side out and braided them together.


Once I had them braided, I sewed the ends together to make one long braid. Then I pinned and sewed them across the top of the front collar.

Sewing braids

I also used one of the braids as a belt.

Here's how it looked again before:

Before: Purple Floral Muumuu

And here's how it looks after:

After: Purple Floral Dress

After: Purple Floral Dress

And here's a close-up of the collar:

Sleepy photo

 There it is! I hope you liked it :)

The next few weeks I'll be working on my Halloween costume, which I'm excited about.

Check back next time for more transformations!

Until next time, blessings.