Thursday, October 24, 2013

#57: Thinking Pink: Fun With Ties

Hello All!

Another Wednesday has passed, and I made another pink-themed project in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. This one cost me a total of $2, and I got the materials at the 99 Cents Only Store.

A while back I had made this necklace out of a tie using this tutorial I found on Pinterest.

Tie Necklace

With this idea in mind, I had wanted to create a tie collar that is actually sewn onto the shirt. So when I found this pink shirt and pink-and-grey striped tie, I knew I had found a match.

Before: Plain Pink T-shirt

Before: Pink and Gray Striped Tie

I first started off by laying out the lengths of the tie around the collar of the shirt, then began overlapping the tie at a slight angle and pinning it to the collar of the shirt.

Laying out the center

Folding and pinning

I worked my way all the way around, and decided to keep some overlap of the thin end of the tie. Then I hand-sewed the top folded edges to the collar.

Bring it around town!

 When i put it on, it ruffled out too much like a clown collar.

Extreme clown collar

(Quick aside: I'm not afraid of clowns. I even wanted to be a professional party clown when was young. I woke up extra early every Sunday morning to watch the Bozo the Clown Show. I knew how to make balloon animals, paint faces, and even took a clown class in college! But if you try to look up images of "clown collar" on Google images, you'll find some hellish, freaky stuff. Thanks, but no thanks! Now, back to your regular programing.)

To keep it from flaring out too much, I went back and sewed the bottom of the folds onto the shirt too.

And there it is. Another Thinking Pink project for October.

Before: Plain pink tee and a tie

After: Pink tee with flair!

After: From behind

After: Paired with my grey cardigan

Maybe next time I will try using a thinner tie or embellishing it with buttons. I just ran out of time before heading to work.

I also found another tutorial for tie collars on v-neck shirts that you can totally use a sewing machine with. I might have to try that one out!

I hope you all have a fun, safe week. I'm excited about my Halloween costume, as I'll be making it this weekend mostly using stuff I already have or found at the dollar store! I'll post it next week!

Until next time, blessings :)