Monday, July 15, 2013

#44: Brown Ruffle Shirt....Revisited

Welcome and welcome back! It's been 3 long weeks since I've had a chance to sit down with my machine and work on a new project, so I squeezed in some late-night time last night to do something semi-new.

Y'all remember this brown lined dress-shirt that I turned from this...

Before: First time around

...into this?

After: first transformation

After: from behind

If not, you can check the process at this previous post.

At the end of that post, I wrote "I imagine that when I get tired of this, it may make another good transformation into a decorative pillow ;)" Well, I got tired of it pretty fast. So can you guess what I re-made? That's right, a decorative pillow!

I had these old, lumpy, flat throw pillows that were heading to the bin when I had an idea: what if I could sew 2 flat pillows together to make one fluffy pillow? So I did :)

Lumpy, flat throw pillows

I lined each edge together and carefully sewed the edges together (I thought of hiding some special message between the pillows before sewing them up, but I couldn't think of anything good).

Sewing the edges together

Once the pillows were sewn together, it had so much volume; it was like brand new! Buuuuuuut I forgot to take a photo (sorry!).

Now on to the pillowcase.

I turned the shirt inside out and wrapped it around the pillow for sizing, buttoning it up. Then I sewed up the sides and cut off the entire sleeves.

Pre-post-transformation shirt

Sewed and cut off the sleeves

Next I pinned and sewed the bottom of the shirt closed.

Sewing straight across the bottom

After that I put the pillow in for fit and carefully pinned and sewed the top edge across the collar (with the pillow inside).

Pinning across the collar

Finally, I cut off all the excess and fake-serged the edges so it wouldn't fray (without the pillow inside).

Fake-serging the edges

I turned the pillowcase right side in, put the pillow inside (it fit!), and buttoned it up the back, and I was done!

Here, again, is he very beginning photo of the shirt:

Before: Brown lined dress shirt

And here's its second life!

After: Ruffled Pillowcase

After: button-up back

I think it matches my bed well, no?

In my opinion, this piece was destined to be a pillowcase ;) And it's removable and washable!

I hope you found inspiration from, or at least liked this transformation. Glad I could re-use both the pillows and the shirt to make something marvelous!

Until next time, blessings.

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