Monday, June 17, 2013

#41: Industrial Dress

Hello!! Welcome (or welcome back)! I've been SO busy this week planning for my husband's birthday (I tried my best to make him a decked-out Legends of Zelda cake. Yum!), and anniversary tomorrow *awwww <3*, plus work and every day living in between!

8-bit heart container, rupees, tri-force

Somewhere in the ruckus I found a moment to sew. I found this awesome dress at a thrift store for just a couple of bucks.

Before: Industrial Dress

Before: From Behind

I was really digging the pattern. It felt very industrial, like pipes and tubes with pops of color. Kind of reminded me of Tetris with all those L-shapes :) But the amount of pattern was a bit overwhelming in dress form. Plus, it had a nasty stain on the front, and the shape wasn't doing me any favors :P

Out, out darn spot!

So I  found a simple way to work it out.

First I removed the side belt loops.

Belt loops be gone!

Next I separated the top from the bottom skirt portion with a seam ripper.

"For my next trick I'm going to saw this dress in half!" *Gasp!* *Ooh* *Aahh*

After that I pinned and sewed a new hem around the waist of the skirt, making sure to accommodate the zipper.

Pinning and sewing

Finally, I sewed the sides to take it in slightly (though I will have to take it in a little more, as it's still a little loose, but I was in a rush).

Before you know it, I'm in a newly stylized outfit with just enough pattern to be cool, but not overwhelming.

Here's the before photo again:

Before: Industrial dress

And here's the new look!

After: Industrial skirt

After: From behind

I think a lot of the transformation has to do with the accessorizing. The thick belt not only accentuated the waistline that was non-existent in the original dress, it also kept everything in place since the skirt was still a little too big.

I enjoyed a night out volunteering at and watching a spectacularly-moving performance on themes of evolving through grief and loss at my dance studio, followed by Asian dinner with good company :)

I hope you liked this one. It's definitely a keeper in my closet!

Until next time, blessings.

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