Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#27: Blue Top

Hi folks! I've got some great news, but before that, I'd like to share another of my previous re-dos with you.

This blue shirt was already part of my closet but it was on its way to be donated before I thought I could do something new with it.

Before: Unflattering Blue Top

Before: From Behind

I didn't like how wide the neck was in the front, or how it made my torso look extra short and wide with the gathered material at the V. So the first thing I did with this shirt was turn it around!

Once it was facing backward, I took a jeweled decal that I had removed from another too-short tank top I had gotten rid of and hand-sewed it to the new front of the shirt at the collar.

Jeweled decal

When I re-made this, shirts with lacy backs were on all the mannequins lining the windows of the mall.

Summer Fashion

These shirts inspired me in my next step. I took the leftover lacy material I had cut off the sides of the table runner when I previously re-made this t-shirt,

Table-runner Tee

 (For the rundown on this project, click click here).

and sewed it onto the original V neckline between the point of the V and the shoulders, using scissors to round out the corners of the lace at the shoulders.

Lacy back

With those 2 adjustments made, I had a fresh new shirt ready to be worn!

Remember again the before:


And now the after:


After: From behind

Simple steps and it's like a brand new shirt!

And now to my good news:

First, I'm done with jury duty! It was really interesting serving on a jury in a case. It makes me have a little more confidence in the U.S. justice system :)

Second, I GOT A JOB!! A career job!! I'm a little nervous, but so excited to be starting this new venture in my life. That means I might have to work harder to find time to sew, but that it will be more essential that I find time to sew, as it is so life-giving to me and a large part of my self-care.

I hope to be able to manage my time well enough to keep working on new pieces and blog posts regularly, but please forgive me if it takes me a little while to get into the swing of things. 

Thanks for the continued support everyone!

Until next time, blessings.

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