Saturday, February 9, 2013

#20: Pinstripe Shirt

Hello hello! Happy 20th transformation post! So I'm looking for a job. I've been working hard on applications, and finally found time to sew yesterday. Along with a ton of other clothing repairs, I worked on a brand new project with job-hunting in mind.

Leanne is not impressed

I got this piece for free at a clothing swap a few months back. I loved the pinstripes, but it had a strange fit. I wasn't feeling the little skirt part, and the sash tied awkwardly low on my hips.

Hip sash

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. And I knew it wouldn't take a lot to get me there : )

So first I ripped the seams out and separated the bottom skirt part from the rest of the shirt.

No-skirt zone

I also removed the belt/sash loops.

Belt loops

Next, I pinned and sewed a new hem at the bottom of the shirt.

Pinning a new hem

Hem Sewing

Finally, there was a large gap between the bottom button and the thick strip around the bottom of the shirt, so instead of adding another button, I just sewed the space closed.

Closing the gap

That was it. A few short steps, and I took this shirt from awkward...

No thanks skirt professional.


It works with the sash,

Waist Sash

without the sash,

Sans Sash

or with the sash tied more properly around my hips.

Tucked in

I'm ready for work! Now to find someone to hire me...

Available immediately :)

On a side note, I was SO excited to get a package from my great friend A.S. with all kinds of sewing goodies inside! Thanks A.S.!

Silver and gold!

Sew many new colors! (Get it?)

Trinkets, odds, and ends : )

Have a great day everyone! I hope you liked today's transformation. I look forward to getting a job and rolling out some more creations soon! Until next time, blessings.

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